Libby and Conor
Libby and Conor are Irish food enthusiasts living in the United States. Join them as they try new recipes, meet passionate food makers, and learn about great Irish eateries through Irish Food Revolution!

Celebrity soda bread

Fiddler extraordinaire Winifred Horan joins us for a Christmas special, her mother's sweet Irish soda bread. Learn how to make it here.

Perfect for a picnic

There’s a reason the classics stick around. If you’ve never had the pleasure of a Ploughman’s lunch, just know that you’ve been missing a simple, filling and delicious meal, with a mix of sweet, sour and salty… oh yeah, and a pint of Guinness.

Stone Wall

A spring refresher

Spring is the time to get back outside and enjoy the weather, and one of our favorite ways to do that is with an icy adult beverage. Try a Stone Wall cocktail, our take on the classic Stone Fence — with hard cider and rum. We added cinnamon sugar around the rim and a dash of orange bitters for a sweet and tart refresher. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it.

Cinnamon Cream Martini

Cinnamon Cream Martini

Spring has arrived and what better way to celebrate than with our Cinnamon Cream Martini. We replaced the usual high fat milk with almond milk, maintaining the indulgence, while at least taking away some of the guilt and then we added a hint of cinnamon.

The results? A bit of heaven in a glass.

Guinness ketchup

Guinness ketchup

Oh yes we did! We took Ireland’s number one export and blended it into everyone’s favorite condiment to create a unique, sweet and spicy addition to your next barbecue. You can let them in on your secret ingredient if you like, but we won’t tell.

The ribeye at Elbow Lane

Beer and smoky meat in Cork

Once you’ve arrived in Cork City, drop your bags and make a beeline for Elbow Lane at the end of Oliver Plunkett Street.

Billed as a brew and smoke house, this cozy restaurant provided one of the best meals we’ve ever experienced: fresh and perfectly cooked food, friendly professional staff and a warm vibe. And did we mention they brew their own beers too?

Pea and bacon soup

Split Pea and Bacon Soup

It’s time for stick-to-your-ribs split pea soup. We’ve added bacon drained of its grease to up the flavor while minimizing the guilt.

Use as a starter, a side or add a slice of bread and enjoy it as a quick meal during the week.

A Taste of Cork cover

Tasting Cork

The epicenter of the food revolution in Ireland lies in County Cork. Find out why in an intimate interview with one of Cork’s biggest proponents, Sean O’Manachain.

A food blogger and film maker, Sean literally wrote the book on Cork’s food scene: A Taste of Cork. And he’s provided us a “fantasy food crawl” for anyone who wants to make an unforgettable two-day culinary excursion around the area.

Healthy banana oat bars

Healthy and easy banana oat bars

The pace in Ireland has gotten as hectic as anywhere and health conscious people are looking for an easy way to get some of the good stuff into them.

Our slightly sweet banana oat bars are made from just a few ingredients — including nuts, seeds and shredded coconut — and double up as a grab and go breakfast or a daytime fill-me-up.

Highbank Brandey

Irish food tour

I’ve started a timeline of my recent trip through Ireland. An ongoing project, it’s also an easy-to-follow trail of wonderful food.

There’s a lot to be done on the timeline, but there was a lot to take in — literally. Keep an eye on it for future foodie posts.

Overloaded Potato and Garlic Pizza

Overloaded potato and garlic pizza

This pizza is one for the books. Crispy potatoes, sweet sautéed onions and pungent garlic combine perfectly with sharp cheddar and sweet balsamic glaze to make a pizza they’ll be talking about the next day. And it’s vegetarian.
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“Coole” cream

The summer sun has been blazing, but we’ve created a “Coole” treat for adults only.

Shun the store-bought ice cream with ingredients you can’t pronounce and dive into the freezer with just a few simple ingredients and Irish Food Revolution.

Summer Strawberry Salad

Summer Strawberry Salad

Enjoy the fruits of summer with our simply super and satisfying strawberry salad. It’s light, delicious and about as easy as it gets.

Mighty beef stew

“Mighty” beef stew

Okay, you’re looking for the hearty Irish fare you’ve heard so much about—something to power you through another hour of television. Well, we’ve got you covered with a beef stew flavored with stout made locally (for us). Feel free to insert Guinness or Murphy’s or whatever stout you can’t do without.

Coconut and blackcurrant chocolates

Chocolate, coconut and blackcurrant — Mmm!

We took a chance encounter with a pack of hard blackcurrant candies and created a simple treat sure to please.

The candies provide a bit of crunch and blackcurrant flavor to the smooth combination of chocolate and coconut. Got milk?

Dublin French Toast

Dublin French Toast

The Irish are fanatical bread consumers, so don’t try to win them over with your flimsy white bread French toast.

Try our hearty Dublin French Toast, made with thick-cut brown soda bread and top it with fruit so you can pretend it’s healthy. You might never go back to bland again.

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Parsnip Carrot Soup

Autumn spells the beginning of parsnip season, the sweet, nutty root vegetable that isn’t featured in the spotlight nearly enough.

We’ve tossed parsnips and carrots into our own homemade chicken stock for a healthy and colorful cool weather treat. Feel free to use store bought stock for ease, but don’t forget to top off this satisfying dish with crispy bacon and fresh scallions. It’s almost worth bidding goodbye to summer.

Strawberry shrub in seltzer

Strawberry shrub

What’s that you say? You’ve never heard of a shrub? Well, get ready for an amazingly unique and refreshing drink.

There are only three ingredients: strawberries, sugar and vinegar. Yes. Vinegar. Trust me, it’s good — sweet with a bit of tart. And strawberries are only the beginning. The combination produces a syrup that can then be added to seltzer or alcohol, salad dressings or even in food recipes.

This will open up culinary doors you never knew existed.

Lobster roll

New England Lobster roll: Cork style with “healthy” blackberry crumble

This lobster roll is part Maine and part Cork, but all delicious. Celebrate the end of summer with an outdoor lunch and follow it up with a dessert you don’t have to feel too guilty about eating.

Toasties with egg, arugula and balsamic glaze

These aren’t your children’s toasties

The gooey cheese, the crunch of the toast — the ever popular grilled cheese sandwich. We’ve updated it for adults.

We used our own thick-cut brown soda bread, filled it with cheddar cheese and arugula and topped it with a sunny-side-up egg and balsamic glaze. Fried tomatoes on the side make for a perfect vegetarian breakfast or lunch companion.

Elderflower cordial

Foraging for elderflowers

Summer is here and the elderflowers are in bloom! Read about my first time foraging and making my own cordial.

Fresh baked bread